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​​​​Health​ Interview Survey 2013 !

The results of the fifth national Health Interview Survey (HIS 2013), executed by the Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH), are available. These results concern 'Health and wellbeing', 'Health determinants and lifestyle', Health and social services', 'Fysical and social environment' and 'Prevention'. Information concerning this and the results of the previous surveys can be found on the left navigation menu.

The Health Interview Surveys has been developed to collect information on the health of the general population, their medical consumption, their lifestyle and on some socio-economic parameters, with the aim to measure the health status of the population and their health needs in order to develop a pro-active health policy.
Organising a Health Interview Survey in Belgium required a close collaboration between all ministers responsible for public health in our country. The commissioners of the Health Interview Survey are the federal government (FPS Public Health), the Flemish Community, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the Brussels-Capital Region, the Walloon Region and the German Community.
The Operational Directorate Public Health and surveillance of the IPH was responsible for the execution of the survey (conceptual development, sampling scheme, supervision of data-collection, analysis of the results)

Statistics Belgium was involved for what concerns the sampling, based on the National Register, for data-collection and for data-entry.

The survey has been authorised by the Privacy Commission and has received a positive advice of the Ethical Committee of the University Hospital of Gent, which guarantees that the survey procedures are in line with the privacy legislation.
For more information, please contact the HIS-team.