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​​​Health​ Interview Survey 2018, Belgium

Since 1997, the Scientific Direction Epidemiology and Public Health of Sciensano has been periodically organizing Health Interview Surveys (HIS) at the population level.

The data collection of the HIS 2018 extends from January 2018 to December 2018.

The purpose of the HIS is to assess the health status of the population and to identify the main health problems as well as the determinants and behaviours that could influence them. These health indicators allow the competent authorities to develop proactive health policies that are adapted to the needs of the population. It is therefore important to conduct such studies on a regular basis, in order to asses whether health condictions are improving overtime or whether new health problems are emerging. In addition, the HIS is embedded in the European Health Interview Survey project, and as such it allows the production of the information required for Belgium.

All the information concerning the previous HIS rounds can be found under the "Outcomes" tab of the left-hand menu.

The HIS is commissioned and co-financed by the different Belgian authorities competent in the field of public health:

  • the Federal Government (FSP public health),
  • the Flemish Community and Region,
  • the Federation Wallonia-Brussels,
  • the Brussels-Capital Region,
  • the Walloon Region,
  • and the German Community.


Data collection is carried out in collaboration with Statbel of the Ministry of Economy.

The HIS has been approved by the Privacy Commission and the Ethical Committee of Ghent University Hospital, which guarantees that the survey procedures are in line with the privacy legislation.

A survey cannot be conducted without interviewers! We are looking for candidate to complete our pool of interviewers. For more information on this subject, please click on "Interviewers". 

For more information, please contact the HIS-team.